Event Information TBC for 2024.

First Triathlon?

If this is your first triathlon or you are looking for some tips, check out this link from TriNSW. If you like what you see and enjoy the event, why not consider joining a club. There are Hunter Clubs in Newcastle, Maitland, Port Stephens, Singleton and Scone.

First Triathlon Information


  • Saturday 10.00am - 4.30pm

    Race Kit Collection and Sports Expo

    Pick up your Race Kit or shop for last minute gear

  • Saturday 2.00pm - 3.00pm

    Race Q&A with Race Director

    For last minute questions.Special junior overview at 3.00pm.

  • Sunday 5.30am

    Race Office Opens

    For Race Kit Collection (you must collect at least 45min before your race start)

  • Sunday 6.50am

    Sprint Distance - Race Briefing

    On eastern end of Horseshoe Beach. For all competitors (including Relay Teams)

  • Sunday 7.00am

    Sprint Distance - Race Start

    All Wave Starts will be within a 15 min window. See Wave Starts schedule closer to the event.

  • Sunday 8.50am

    Enticer Distance - Race Briefing

    On Horseshoe Beach easten end. For all Enticer and Junior/Schools Age 14+ competitors (including Relay Teams)

  • Sunday 9.00am

    Enticer - Race Start

    All Wave Starts will be within a 30 min window. See Wave Starts schedule closer to the event.

  • Sunday 9.50am

    Junior/School Age Triathlon (12-13y) - Race Breifing

    On Horseshoe Beach easten end. For all competitors (including School Relay Teams 12+)

  • Sunday 10.00am

    Junior/Schools Age Triathlon (12-13y) - Race Start

    Only 3 Wave Starts for Male/Female and Teams

  • Sunday 10.20am

    Junior/School Age Triathlon (7-11y) - Race Briefing/Marshaling

    On eastern end of Horseshoe Beach. For all competitors (including Relay Teams)

  • Sunday 10.30am

    Junior/School Age Triathlon (7-11y) - Race Start

    All Wave Starts will be within a 15 min window. See Wave Starts schedule closer to the event.

Event Distances

Distance Swim Cycle Run Ages
Sprint 750m 20km 5km 14y+
Sprint Relay 750m
20km 5km 13y+
Enticer 375m 10km 2.5km 13y+
Enticer Relay 375m 10km 2.5km 12y+
School Age 7-9y 100m 2.5km 500m 7-9y
School Age 10-11y 150 5km 1000m 10-11y
School Age 12-13y 250m 5km 2.5km 12-13y
School Age 14+ 375m 10km 2.5km 14+

Entry Fees (not including processing fee or One Day Licence)

Event Early Bird Entry 1 July - 1 Sept 2023 Standard Entry 2 Sept - 29 Oct 2023 Late Entry (if not sold out) 30 Oct - 11 Nov 2023
Sprint Individual $115 $125 $145
Sprint Relay Team 2-3 pers $185 $195 $255
Enticer Individual $85 $95 $115
Enticer Relay Team 2-3 pers $155 $165 $185
Junior/School Age Tri (14y+) $55 $65 $75
Junior/School Age Tri Relay Team 2-3 pers (12y+)
$120 $130 $140
Junior/School Age Tri (7-13y) $35 $45 $55
Junior/School Age Tri Relay Team 2-3 pers (7-11y)
$90 $100 $110

Enter NOW


Everyone who enters and races at the event will have a level of insurance either as an annual Premium or Standard member of Triathlon Australia or as a Triathlon Australia One Day License holder.

To become a member of Triathlon Australia visit their website at www.triathlon.org.au

There are many benefits including connection with your local club, qualified coaches and insurance for all your training and racing.

To find your local club, click here.

If you are not a Triathlon Australia Member for the season in which you are racing, you will need a One Day License.

One Day Licenses are automatically added to your entry at time of purchase if you do not enter a valid Triathlon Australia number at an additional cost.

One Day Licence (ODL) is a means by which participants who are not Triathlon Australia Annual Members, contribute to the costs of running the sport of triathlon and multisport in Australia.

It also ensures they are covered by an appropriate level of insurance while they are participating at events.

What is Covered

Race Kit Collection

Race registration is where you confirm to officials you will be racing and then you will collect all official race number and kit required to race.

Race registration and race kit collection will take place at the race compound at Camp Shortland next to Nobbys Beach, off Wharf Rd, Newcastle on Saturday 11 Nov from 10.00am to 4.30pm and Sunday 12 Nov from 5.30am to 9.30am. Please bring your phone for our easy QR code check in.

Please note: You must be registered at least 45 minutes prior to your race start.

Please bring your phone for quick check in and collection. There is a secure bag area.

One team member can pick up the race kits for the whole team.


Once you have been identified you will be issued with your race kit containing:

  • Swim cap which must be worn by the swimmer.
  • Race bib number.
  • Bike security stickers.
  • Electronic timing band (Note: a fee of $50.00 per timing band will be charged if these are not returned after the race).
  • Your purchased souvenir event shirt (if you purchased one)

If you arrive after the start of the Triathlon, care should be taken when crossing any part of the course and you will only be able to cross at the designated crossing areas around Foreshore Park when instructed by marshals.

Only participants will be permitted to enter the transition area on race day.

Race Rules

The Newcastle CityTriathlon is run under the rules of Triathlon Australia. For information about these rules please visit Triathlon Australia on www.triathlon.org.au or contact the Event Director, Paul Humphreys at paul@hevents.com.au. This is a non drafting race which means that participants must not form packs in the cycle leg and should remain at least 7 metres behind the front wheel of the bike in front (except when passing).

Categories and Age Groups

Individuals who wish to be acknowledged as representing a business, club, school or association must complete that section of the entry form.

A mixed team must consist of both males and females.

Age categories will be determined in years as at 31 December 2023.


All individual categories are male and female.

Age Groups are from 14-19, then 20-24, 25-29 etc in 5 year groups until 70+ years.


Age Groups are from 12-19, then 20-24, 25-29 etc in 5 year groups until 70+ years.


Ages 7-13y (individual and relay) will only recieve a time and there will be no place awards allocated. Only participation points will be allocated to the club/school totals.There are no performance points allocated.

Ages 14y+ will recieve a time and there will be performance points allocated for clubs or schools listed as follows:

30 points for 1st Place

29 points for 2nd Place

Ongoing until Place 29, after which all placings receive one point towards the club/school total.


Specific relay team categories are below male, female and mixed.

Race Safety

Your safety during the race is of paramount importance. Participants are advised to prepare adequately for the event.

  • You should drink plenty of water before and during the event and apply sunscreen before the race
  • Marshals will be placed on the course to direct and assist you, however it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the course. Please note while the cycle course is closed to traffic, normal road rules do apply to this event.
  • First Aid will be available at the race compound
  • During the swim leg, you may rest on a buoy but you must not move forward. If in trouble, raise your hand for assistance. All swims are inside Newcastle Harbour.
  • During the cycle leg approved helmets must be working properly. When cornering, please consider your speed and other participants. Special care to be taken at the new raised areas along Shortland Esplanade. We do not recommend aerobars for this event due to the technical cycle course.
  • Drink plenty of water whilst riding or running. On the run you should wear a hat and use the drink station to re-hydrate.
  • If you are having physical difficulties, please advise a marshal.


Course Video

Wrap up from 2023