Sprint Distance Triathlon

Swim Leg 750m

This swim course will enter the water at Customs House jetty and swim west for 350m just before Queens Wharf, then turn right and then right again and return to the exit scaffold . Life Saving crew will be on hand at all times.

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Cycle leg 23km

3 x 7.4km

Competitors will pick up their bikes on the western end of Foreshore Park near Customs House and head east towards Nobbys Beach along Wharf Rd. You will left turn at the entry to Horseshoe Beach car park. You will turn in the Horseshoe beach car park and exit the same way. You will only use this on the way out, not the way back. After this section you will then proceed along Shortland Esplanade towards Newcastle Beach. Riders should take care with the raised speed mounds along this section. Riders then continue up Shortland Espl and continue to the intersection of Watt and Church St and turn left into Watt St. They then head up Watt St and turn left into King Edward Park. Once in the park the course is flat again and then climbs another 600m to the top of the park. Cyclists then turn right onto the right hand side of The Terrace and then right onto Reserve Rd. Riders then head down Watt St and turn right at Church St onto Shortland Esplanade. (Please approach this corner with caution) They then return to Nobbys and turn left and head up Nobbys road for 50m and then left into Fort Drive and then right into Nobbys road and then left into Wharf Rd and then return to the compound and then complete 2 more laps. 3 laps in total.

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Run Leg 5km

2 x 2.5km

The run heads from the transition area and runs east along the Joy Cumming Parade (old Tug Berth Rd) and then left into the access Rd to Horseshoe Beach, and then around to Camp Shortland towards the break-wall to a turn point approx. 400m along the break-wall. The run then returns back towards the finish area. This run course has plenty of room and will allow good flow of competitors. You must complete 2 laps of the 2.5km run course.

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