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Triathlon is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned triathlete, young or old, male or female, an elite or a recreational athlete, triathlon is one of the few individual sports that allow us all to participate and compete together.

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15 January 2015


Sparke Helmore 2019 24th Feb 60

After the relaxation of the NSW Health COVID Community Sports rules for Mass Gatherings, the 28th annual Sparke Helmore Newcastle City Triathlon can again be staged under a COVID safe event plan. We welcome old and new participants alike to the event, to be staged on one of the best triathlon courses in Australia, including the City, Harbour Foreshore, Parks and Beaches of Newcastle.

Our event has been fortunate to have missed the peak of the COVID crisis and we are keen to stage a successful COVID safe event on Sun 21 Feb 2021

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Paul Humphreys
16 December 2020

Race Briefing and Course Videos now available

Sparke Helmore 2018 LR 50

Race Briefing and Course Videos now available. You must watch your distance video before participating. 

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Paul Humphreys
2 February 2021

Race Update No 1 of 3 - 2021

Newcastle Paratriathlon 2020 3

Copy of the Race Update email No 1 of 3

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Paul Humphreys
5 February 2021

Race update 2021

Race update 2 of 3

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15 February 2021

Sparke Helmore Tri Update 1 of 3 - 2022

This email is an update for competitors entered in 2022 and a one off reminder for previous competitors. Below is some news and tips on this years event. Please read and pass onto anyone in your team who may not receive the mail.

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Paul Humphreys
7 November 2022

Sparke Helmore Tri Update 2 of 3 - 2022


 Sparke Helmore Tri Update 2 of 3 - 2022




H Events
 Race Update and reminder- No 2 of 3
This email is a 2nd update for competitors entered in 2022. Below is some news and tips on this years event. Please read and pass onto anyone in your team who may not receive the mail.
Newsflash for first timers
For first timers, we will do a face to face briefing with our Race Director on site at the event compound at 1.00pm and 3.30pm on Saturday 19 Nov. Just west of Customs House near Crn Watt St and Wharf Rd. 
The harbour water condition is now suitable for swimming and we will be proceeding with our swim and event location as planned.  
A message from Sparke Helmore in their 140th anniversary year.  
 Download a poster for the office. 
Let your friends, colleagues or family know to get in quick. Tell them to GET MOVING! Please send this on. 
Course Information and News
The course map is below and can be downloaded. The course is similar to last year but does have some areas that have changed. We should also remind you that, while roads are closed (with a substantial Traffic Management Plan in place) for this event, in a busy City environment some parked vehicles will be on the course. Please pay attention to your direction and speed at all times. If a motorist or pedestrian attempts to leave/cross  the course area during the event, we ask you to revert to normal road/pedestrian rules and report the incident to one of our Traffic or General Marshals. Your safety and the safety of the general public is paramount to the continuing success of this event.
A Video Race Briefing and Course description are available below. You must watch this for your race distance before you participate. Course points to note:
  1. The event compound is on the western end of Foreshore Park just east of Customs House, Crn of Wharf and Watt St Newcastle. 
  2. Bikes can be racked on Sunday only. The bike compound will open for Sprint at 6.15am and Enticer at 7.30am. You will be able to rack your bike for the enticer while the Sprint event is on, however do not walk onto parts of the course. 
  3. The swim course will start for the Sprint (7.30am start at swims from Customs House Jetty) and Enticer (9.30am start from Queens Wharf eastern side) 
    1. ALL swims are deep water starts
    2. ALL swims finish at the Customs House Jetty
    3. Waves be a simple split between Male, Female/Teams
      1. ​Wave times announced on Friday in the final update. 
    4. There are scaffolding stairs below the water line for you to easily exit the water. 
    5. Nobbys SLSC will be implementing a substantial water safety plan
    6. You are never more than 35m from the shore. 
    7. Note the swim leg for the Sprint Distance is out and back and the Enticer Distance is one way from Queens Wharf to the Customs House stairs. (with the tide) 
  4. The cycle leg is mapped below and in the Video Briefing. Some points to note:
    1. The Sprint Distance is 6 laps of the course and the Enticer is 3 laps. 
    2. ​You only enter the Horseshoe Beach Rd on the way out (east) only (not on the way back) for each lap. 
    3. Please pay attention for rogue pedestrians at all times
    4. There are speed humps along Shortland Esplanade. 
    5. The turn point for all courses is the same
    6. There is only one substantial climb on Fort Drive. Please stay left to allow passing. Never pass on the left!
    7. There is one substantial descent. Please control your speed, in particular on the Nobbys roundabout turn. 
  5. The run leg is a simple 2.5km loop and is well signposted and marshalled . There is a ramp over a garden edge near the pilot station. Please be careful when using this ramp. 
Race Kit collection times
Race Kits can be collected from the Admin tent just east of Customs House on Wharf Rd Newcastle:
  1. Saturday 19 Nov - 11am - 4.30pm
  2. Sunday 20 Nov - from 6.00am until 30 minutes before race start
Please bring your phone for our quick QR code pick up system. There is a secure bag area for bags and phones on Sunday at the Admin tent. 
Compulsory Race Briefings . Please watch your event distance. Race day brief will be short!
Enticer Video
video enticer
Sprint Video
sprint video
The need for SPEED!
Needs some extra speed. Then call in and see Scott from Bicyle Centre Hunter Valley. They also have loads of experience in Triathlon and every sort of cycling. If you need a service pre race, you need to get in quick. Call in to Garnet Avenue in East Maitland, contact Scott on 0249336620 or check out the Facebook link from the logo. 
Frequently asked questions. 
  1. Can I wear a wetsuit? - Yes if the water temp is under 24 degrees celsius. The water is less than 20 degrees at the moment. 
  2. Do i have to wear a swim cap in the swim? - Yes, it is a safety requirement. 
  3. What sort of bike do i need? - any roadworthy bike and an Australian Standard helmet.
  4. Can one person pick up the team kits?- Yes, if all team members have signed or agreed to the race waiver. Available HERE or on race day. 
  5. Can i change a team member? - Just email to make a change up to the Wednesday. On race weekend, just make sure the person has signed the waiver. Download HERE
  6. Were can i park? - There is plenty of paid parking in Argyle St and Bolton St parking stations and the Honeysuckle. The tram will be working from Wickham interchange. Bikes not allowed on the tram. Just ride them!
  7. Where do team members meet to change over? - Cyclists and Runners wait in the bike compound at their bike. You will be instructed were on race day. You must change over the timing chip. 
  8. Can I wear shoes from the swim to the bike compound? - Yes just leave some thongs or old joggers at the swim exit (out of the way of other swimmers). 
  9. Can we bring a team tent to the event? Yes, team marquees are available for hire or you can bring your own. Contact for more information. 
  10. Can I bring spectators to the event? Yes. COVID restrictions are not currently in place. We ask everyone to socially distance. 
Need more answers. Contact local Event Director Paul on 49348138 or .


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15 November 2022

2023 Race Update 1 of 2 Sparke Helmore Newcastle Triathlon

2023 Race Update 1 of 2 Sparke Helmore Newcastle Triathlon

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Paul Humphreys
3 November 2023

Little National Hotel joins Triathlon as leg sponsor

Newcastle's newest hotel experience is has joined the event as a leg sponsor. Check them out at and use the PROMO code SPARKE for a 20% discount. 

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9 July 2024